ian proctor boom but no way of tightening the clew. whats missing ?

Robert Leigh

Posted: 20 Jun 17 03:32
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I have recently bought a LArk (1042) which I have been renovating for the summer.

Just wondering if anyone knows what fixings should be on the end of the boom for tightening the clew?

All I have is a small pin sticking out of the end with a hole for a RWO safety ring though it. (A proctor Spar: 210352: Ian Proctor)

Cant find anything online about this ( I guess its a bit old!)

I have photos if anyone can help.

Thanks you all

Garry Packer

Posted: 20 Jun 17 11:08
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Do you mean tack? On older boats the tack of the sail is secured by a pin. For the clew modern boats have a block that allows the control line to go inside the boom. On older booms you sometimes have a flange you can tie the line around and back to the sail.