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Waldringfield Easter Egg + Practice
Date Posted: 29 Mar 04 08:23
Looking forwards to seeing a few Larks winging thier way to the Deben for Easter.

Advanced notice that the Good Friday Practice Session will be later in the day to give plenty of time for our friends from further afield to make it. Probably 1.30pm briefing, 2pm on the water for a couple of hours good practice before retiring to the bar. If you are thinking about joining us for some practice have a think about what you want to get from the time (taking account of the weather forecast!) to make the most of it. A very small charge to cover petrol costs will be required.
Any Q's?
Author: Chris Fish

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Waldringfield Easter Egg + Practice
Date Posted: 29 Mar 04 10:20
Chris, please could you email me on becky.priest@ntlworld.com
I can't find your address anywhere.
I was wondering if there were any lonely Larks at Waldringfield whose owners want them to be sailed over Easter or anyone that needs a crew. My little bro is keen to join in the fun and already has a crew sorted (my fireball crew and other half).

Alternatively if there are 2 people needing crews..... take your pick, little or large....!!
Becky P. 
Author: Becky P

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Waldringfield Easter Egg + Practice
Date Posted: 31 Mar 04 06:07
What time is the tide on the Friday?

Was planning a sail in the morning as I thought that there might be water. 
Author: MJ

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