Baker Hull / Sail numbers

Raymond Tredoux

Posted: 07 Jul 14 05:30
Message ID: 2422
Hi all, just joined the Lark fleet, so I'm a little less than wise about all thing Lark, so apologies if this is a stupid / recurrent question:

I've just bought a Baker Lark, hull condition seems excellent for its age, barely a mark on it and the tanks seem fine.
The sail number is at odds with a JB hull, and suggests it came from a later Parker Mk2, and I would quite like to know the original sail number.

The boat is an ex Uni fleet boat, and doesn't seem to have a number anywhere on the transom, thwart or c/board case. There *is* a 5 digit number engraved on the inside port side below the shroud fittings (I forget what the number is now).
In addition the head of the (Proctor) mask is engraved 'S-1021 Lark C' , which I expect is a reference to C-Section, but could this be the original boat number?

Were masts engraved with hull numbers? the serial number on the Proctor plate is much higher, so likely not class related.

Any clues gratefully received.

Also, the hull came without toe straps - no problem since I have the webbing anyway, do these simply tie into the loop eyes on the hog or am I likely to tear the fittings out?

thanks for your help,