old larks

Kim Zip

Posted: 01 Jun 14 19:00
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I'm looking at a cut price club auction Lark that's been abandoned...there's no gooseneck. Anyone know the spec for a gooseneck? Or how it's attached? I just want to test-sail it. It's going for the cost of its parts



Harry Pynn

Posted: 05 Jun 14 02:42
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Hi Kim,

There are 2 parts to the gooseneck - the bit that attaches to the mast and the pin that goes into the boom.

Depending on the type of boom, you will either need a square pin or a round pin. The older booms with metal end fittings use the square pin, the newer booms use the round pin.
The square pins can be retro-fitted to the mast fitting.

Since the mast and boom are both made by Selden, the Selden fittings will definitely work. I'm not sure if the other manufacturers fittings will work.

Here's an example of the complete assembly with the round pin: http://www.seamarknunn.com/acatalog/selden-gooseneck-complete-roman-capitals-7489.html#.U5Ae49_zsdc

And here's the square pin: http://www.seamarknunn.com/acatalog/selden-gooseneck-spigot-toggle-old-style-528-093-01-7504.html#.U5Ae8N_zsdc


Tim Vick

Posted: 05 Jun 14 02:47
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Not sure what the mast will be like but I have this goosneck if its any use to get the boat on the water


I would have thought though that the goosneck is likely to be riveted onto the mast though (so dont really understand how it could be missing, something like this www.pinbax.com/index.asp?selection=detailed&uid=37762&cg=13&mc=77&cct=7&sc=

The pin can be removed though so I guess it could just www.pinbax.com/index.asp?selection=detailed&uid=35405&cg=13&mc=77&cct=7&sc=