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Bob Suggitt

Posted: 14 May 14 01:41
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Before Carnac there`s the 45th Barnt Green Open this Sunday.
For the benefit of those of you who don`t go north of Watford, if you look on your map (remember maps?) there`s a road going out of London built so that important people could get to Cambridge more easily. Go up that road to where it says "beware of trolls" and turn left.Keep going until just before the bit that says "here be dragons" and you`ll see a sign for Barnt Green!
Seriously though, you can expect a warm welcome (with bacon butties on arrival.) We have a full pond ( a bit like South Staffs but without the pretty islands in the middle) and one of the first (and last) Lark fleets in the country.
Don`t expect to win (this is Stuart Hydon territory) but the prizes are generous.
Three races, two to count. First start 11.00
Third race is for the Barnt Green Challenge Trophy followed by the Bittle Bottle single handed race.
We look forward to seeing you
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