Shustoke Open - Sat 15th March

Chris Biglin

Posted: 05 Mar 14 02:44
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Hello Folks,

Can I ask for a show of hands so that we can get an idea of the number of Larks likely to be attending the Shustoke Open.

In these days of declining turnouts, at Shustoke we are trying to maintain our opens as exclusive events but this can backfire spectacularly if we get a low turnout.
Unfortunately the Shustoke fleet is now a shadow of its former promise, although Stuart and I are propping it up with two boats each, there is only one other Lark that races.

If we don't get a decent turnout then this will likely be the last Lark Open, after putting so much effort into getting the Lark established as a Shustoke fleet it would be a bit of a disaster if it was allowed to fade away.


Kevin Rose

Posted: 05 Mar 14 14:05
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as long as I can find a crew, dark knight will be coming home.

I know Chris Ellis is definitely coming, from what he said at the show.

Darren Padro also has added a fifth lark to the shustoke fleet by buying back southern fairy for the kids. they will embarrass us all. plus, GET STUART BUSH IN ONE!

Chris Biglin

Posted: 07 Mar 14 05:56
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Don't worry, Kevin, we'll find a crew in some fashion for every Lark we have that floats. Whether that includes Southern Fairy is open for debate!

There's a rumour of visitors from Penzance which is some dedication to the cause if true, I hope our local neighbours will be as keen.

Kian Andrews

Posted: 09 Mar 14 13:49
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Hi Chris,
I'm coming up with Va va Voom from penzance - I believe there is also another 2 coming as well

Steve Cumley

Posted: 12 Mar 14 16:03
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Hi Chris,

Lucy and I are planning on joining the fun. Weather forecast looks great. Can't wait!


Laura Lilly

Posted: 13 Mar 14 13:59
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Three boats from Penzance are definately heading up for the double header weekend!! see you there