24 Hour Race

Mike Senior

Posted: 27 Feb 14 03:34
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South Staffs are going to enter a Lark 24 hr race team this year, aiming to finish in the top few. Any other clubs up for joining us to add some friendly Lark rivalry?


James Ward

Posted: 27 Feb 14 10:22
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Hi Mike

Great news you guys are putting a Lark team together.

Last year we entered an association team and also the guys at Penzance put a team in. The plan is to do the same again!!


Kevin Rose

Posted: 05 Mar 14 14:08
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I will put Dark Knight up for the association boat again. all we need is 10 able bodies sailors to crew her

Laura Lilly

Posted: 05 Mar 14 14:23
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Pz are well keen again!! Think we may be abe to persuade West kirby to geta team in too... More Larks the merrier

Chris Cooper

Posted: 13 May 14 07:11
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Rotherham SC currently have an entry in for an Enterprise but with the Lark fleet growing at our club (and most of us who sail them going to Southport) we're considering changing the entry to a Lark - watch this space.