Tom Jeffcoate

Posted: 26 Dec 13 11:00
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Hi, first of all happy xmas! Without wanting to tear you away from leftover turkey or a good family domestic for too long this is just a quick plea for you to enter Carnac if you are planning on coming. It takes 5 minutes, the link is here:

and you'll get a free t-shirt each if you do it and pay the £20 deposit before 1st January. If some details are still tbc then that is fine, they can be filled in later. I know this may seem early but:

1 - I need to write the SI's which will include working out how best to manage the fleets to keep them apart (easier if I know how many of each we're likely dealing with)
2 - We need to buy prizes and without knowing fleet sizes or potential additional prize categories we could end up wasting money
3 - I can't work out the social budget without a decent idea of how much money we will have available
4 - the more boats signed up early the more appealing the event is to those who are currently undecided leading to both better racing and better socials for you

All the details you need are online at including information on discounted ferries, cheap camping and who the other 69 boats that have already entered are.

And finally, the classes have not been asked to put any money into the event and I don't intend to pay for it my self so we really need the £20 deposits for everything like prizes, socials, t-shirts etc that needs to be paid for in advance. If you can't commit now then not to worry but for those who can it would be a massive help if you could take 2 minutes to get your entry in. If everyone leaves it to the last minute then we'll get to the event, i'll have a wad of cash from all the late entries and there won't be any time to spend it on the actual event... actually, that sounds brilliant but it won't be so great for everyone else.


Charlie Roome

Posted: 05 Jan 14 14:27
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If anyone is interested in Carnac accommodation (which you very much should be!), I have the following to pass on which might be of interest...

If you are looking to go to Carnac for the 2014 Regatta, the campsite to stay on is in Carnac Plage closest to the sailing club. Matthews Holidays offer comfortable mobile homes at reasonable costs. If you are booking telephone 01483284044 and detail 'Roger' and the 'sailing regatta' and there will be a discount and where possible, grouping you together. Early booking is advised it will be a busy week.

Roger Parkes

Ruth Johnson

Posted: 07 Jan 14 13:23
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Think the campsite is called Les Menhirs in Carnac Plage. They have what look like static caravans which are from£250 for Friday to Wednesday so with a further discount is even more of a bargain, esp as they sleep 5!

Tom Jeffcoate

Posted: 13 Feb 14 08:04
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I'm just about to start writing the SIs for Carnac and have a puzzle that needs solving... we expect to have approximately 30 merlins, 25 scorpions, 20 ents, 15 larks and 10 12s at the event and at present there is 1 race course.

We are currently looking at a few ways round this but worst case situation is that we all have to share the course. Fortunately there is lots of space to play with but the issue is how best to do this? The simple option is to stick to triangle / sausage, set the fastest boats off first and hope everyone plays nicely... but it may not be the best option.

So... have people any preferences on what courses we sail or ideas on good way to stop the fleets interfering with each other? There is a blank canvas to work with at the moment so all ideas welcome. Different fleets can do different courses too but please remember the more marks there are the longer it will take to rearrange if the wind changes and the less popular we will be with the safety crews...

And if no one has any suggestions I'll just pick an option and no one gets to grumble about it if it doesn't suit them!


Harry Pynn

Posted: 13 Feb 14 08:20
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Tom, sounds like an outer loop, possibly with different windward or leeward marks for different classes to alter the length of the beat might be a good option.

I imagine the challenge will be to avoid big gaps between races. Do you have the option of a separate finish boat?

Tom Jeffcoate

Posted: 17 Feb 14 07:39
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Not sure about separate finishes but we do now have the option of racing some fleets in the morning and others in the afternoon. On the downside the conditions are usually a lot better in the afternoon so might not be so great for the morning fleets. Depends if people would be prepared to compromise on better conditions for more space or not??

Tom Jeffcoate

Posted: 18 Feb 14 08:19
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Cheers for all the ideas. At the moment the most popular suggestions are either a P course or some derivation of an outer loop trapezoid with everyone racing together in the afternoon. My concern over the P course is simply the potential for collisions especially with the bottle neck a gate would create so based on what a few people have said I'm thinking of the following if possible:

- a trapezopid shaped course, mark 2 at ~90 degrees to mark 1 and mark 3 at roughly 45 degrees to both marks 1 and 4.
- mark 3 is a gate
- set off at 3 minute intervals in the following order: Merlin, Scorpion, N12, Lark, Enterprise
- Merlins, Scorpions and Larks to sail 1,3,4,1,4,1,3, finish (to leeward of start area)
- Ents and 12s to sail 1,2,3,2,3,4,1, finish (to leeward of start area)

- the RO can still shorten any fleet at any point but we will also add in that not all boats from the same class need to complete the same number of laps and positions can be awarded to backmarkers at the RO's discretion to enable them to sail back to the finish area directly.

Can anyone see any potential issues / collision zones / improvements?? I realise that the 12s and Larks may arrive at mark 3 at similar times but I hope the combination of a gate and common sense should prevail... or is that optimistic?!

Tom Jeffcoate

Posted: 11 Apr 14 08:06
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Just a nice little milestone reached this morning courtesy of Scorpion 2030… entries are now at 100!

I know there are a couple in there who may no longer be able to make it but we’ve smashed the 30 boat target regardless and there is still time for any late additions. And if anyone hasn't paid their deposit yet please could you do so as there will be more bills to pay soon. Everyone who's deposit has been received is marked off on the entry list.


Tom Jeffcoate

Posted: 15 May 14 11:55
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Fiona Cam has researched a few local activities that might be of interest to the shore party in Carnac... please take a look at and let her know ASAP if any are of interest or if you have any questions.