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Jib Halyard
Date Posted: 09 Dec 13 12:50

I have just bought a Parker Mk2 Lark C, and I am trying to figure out what to do with all the pieces of rope everywhere!

One thing I am surprised about (thus my message) is the jib halyard: when the jib is raised, a metal loop comes down onto a hook just behind the mast. However, instead of being connected to a muscle box or a lever, this hook is connected to a pulley, then a cascade system on the floor along the centerboard case and finishes on a rotating block aft of the mainsheet block.

What is the point of that? Wouldn't it be better to have the Cunningham going back to the helmsman? Do you need to adjust the Jib luff while sailing?

Also, if any Lark owner is around Datchet (Surrey), I would be happy to buy them a beer and have a chat about the different settings!

Author: Maxim Lamare

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Jib Halyard
Date Posted: 15 Dec 13 10:29
I don't adjust the jib luff tension when sailing, although I could. It doesn't need to be led back to there.

The wire loop onto some purchase sounds right, I have a muscle block but many boats use a cascade.

On the parker the swivel and cleat on the back of the centreboard is meant for the kicker.

On my boat kicker and Cunningham are led to the sidedecks where either crew or helm can adjust and the block on c/b case has been removed. Jib tension cleats on side of mast and, if we needed to adjust it would be done by the crew.

Good luck with your Lark sailing... 
Author: Garry Packer

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