Spinnaker pole Length

Jonathan Woodward

Posted: 25 Oct 13 13:35
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Has anybody thought about increasing the spinnaker pole length?
At the 24hr race this year as soon as the reach became tight it became apparent that we struggled against the GPs.
Poles are a lot cheaper than laminated mains, nearly every other class in recent years has increased the pole and modified the kite to suit and the performance of the boat would marginally increase not changing the crew weight. This upgrade would cost a lot less than a new laminated main especially if we chose a pole length that is already in us so second hand poles from unused boat in the dinghy park
A Lark pole at present is approximately the same length as a mirrors spinnakers pole.

Tim Vick

Posted: 29 Oct 13 13:11
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Hi Jon,

I can see your point, but is it really going to make that much of a difference?

I would agree that one way to attract people to the class it to make the boat really good on handicap, but will this ever happen, there are so many really good sailors that sail the lark, the handicap is always going to be quite hard to live up to.

I would effeminately agree if we thought it would make the boat noticeably quicker, but I imagine it will just make it better in certain conditions which may not really effect the overall performance

Tim Vick

Posted: 19 Jan 14 06:53
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Just an update on the above, spinnaker pole length came up for discussion at today's committee meeting and is something that we intend to look at further in the future.

What are other peoples views on pole length?

Would people see it as an advantage if you were aloud to have a longer spinnaker pole?

Would people like to see this change brought in?

Chris Biglin

Posted: 07 Mar 14 06:01
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This isn't a new debate as you might imagine, been done many times before including one particularly memorable discussion on the beach at the Bridlington Nationals which included the very knowledgeable Bob Suggitt.
The Lark pole is short but it suits the spinnaker, increasing the length of the pole is pointless on its own.
The measurement rules (and hence the shape) for the Lark spinnaker are unusual in that its quite narrow. If giving the Lark a performance boost is the objective, it would probably be worth getting hold of a 420 spinnaker and seeing what that did. Its a similarish size iirc but a more traditional (and developed I suspect) shape.