Winter Champs

Laura Mitchell

Posted: 14 Oct 13 18:01
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With The Lark Winter Championships creeping closer its time to start thinking about crews, helms and boats. If you are a crew in need of boat and helm or your a helm in need of boat and crew or any combination it may be please let us know so we can match you up

Tim Vick

Posted: 16 Oct 13 07:51
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James that helmed for you at the inlands is keen to come with his Ent crew. Also think Simon who crewed for Kian at the Penzance event might be keen to come too

Laura Lilly

Posted: 16 Oct 13 16:13
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Excellent so we need two boats? Anyone willing to loan boats?

Tim Vick

Posted: 17 Oct 13 12:24
Reply ID: 6564
Or if it helps I am happy to lend them my boat if someone is happier lending a boat to someone they know.