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Masters Dinner details
Date Posted: 26 Sep 13 16:00
1. As is usual, the dinner will be Black Tie (or as near as you can get)

2. The prize giving will be at the dinner. If anyone has any other ideas of what they would like to happen during dinner (e.g. speeches), let me know (or I might have to do a speech)!

3. In case anyone needs to know the menu before committing (really?), the menu is

Salmon and dill chowder
Chicken Italiano
Chocolate Delice

The vegetarian will replace the first two items with

Poached pear
Goat cheese wellington

Author: Nigel Hufton

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Masters Dinner details
Date Posted: 29 Sep 13 12:21
Sounds great. I met two guys at Netley today who have bought a Lark just for next weekend. That is commitment! 
Author: Karen Falcon

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Masters Dinner details
Date Posted: 30 Sep 13 12:15
was that Nick Kaz? He has been out loads in preparation!
Author: Ruth Johnson

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