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Looking for sails (particularly Jib)
Date Posted: 23 Sep 13 07:02
Our club has recently seen an influx of Larks (now 6 including 1 club boat) started by me when I bought one to use for training, which became an instant success.

I'm on the look out for some reasonable value sails for the club boat which will primarily be used for training so don't need to be too spec.

I'm also on the look out for a reasonable jib for mine as the current one is looking rather tired it has to be said. Again this is mainly used for training but when I drag myself out of my Phantom to take my daughter sailing I occasionally use it for the odd race so certainly something still holding its shape and a bit if crispness to it would be preferred.

Open to offers on the club boat - just let me know what you've got and a budget of around 150 for the jib for mine.

I'm in Sheffield so needs to be fairly local for collection or will need you to post.
Author: Chris Cooper

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Looking for sails (particularly Jib)
Date Posted: 26 Sep 13 12:58
I have a number of old sails that are quite useable for training. The jibs are definitely tired and I would not use for racing but you are very welcome to have them foc if they are of use.
I am at South Staffs SC (Junction 12 of M6) so you could come & look at what I have or I can send a jib but you would have to pay postage. 
Author: Tony Hotchkiss

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Looking for sails (particularly Jib)
Date Posted: 26 Sep 13 16:07
Hi Chris

I have range of jibs of various ages - but all raceable - and could sell you one within your budget. If anyone from your club is coming to the Masters, I could give it to them, or I could post.

Best give me ring.

Nigel Hufton
07870 591511

Author: Nigel Hufton

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Looking for sails (particularly Jib)
Date Posted: 27 Sep 13 02:40
Hi, I presume your at Rotherham Sailing Club?

I am a member at Ulley SC, which is just down the road, but now live in Leicester.

I have sails that will I think would meet your brief if your still looking. I think I will next be in Rotherham in the beginning of December so could bring the sails with me (and possibly meet you at Rotherham SC if thats where your a member) if that would help.

I have a few Mains and Jibs and a couple of Kites that are old and may have a small hole needing a patch but usable.

Let me know if your interested, you can get me at Tim (dot) Vick (at) PRP (dot) UK (dot) com or email the Lark Class Chief Measurer email address found in the contacts.

Author: Tim Vick

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Looking for sails (particularly Jib)
Date Posted: 08 Oct 13 16:46
Not been around for a week or so and only just seen these response.

Thanks and I'll be in touch shortly.

Tony, your sails sound ideal for our club boat. Do you want to email me some contact details to treasurer@rotherhamsailingclub.org.uk and I'll get in touch.

Tim, hopefully see you at the Open meeting at Rotherham  
Author: Rotherham Sailing club

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