Alan Jessop

Bob Suggitt

Posted: 16 Sep 13 09:45
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Hi All,
It is with great sadness that I have to report the death on Sept 11th of Alan Jessop, who was Lark champion in 1980.
Alan was one of the original Lark sailors and sailed `67` at the second champs at Hayling Island (he may have sailed in the first one but I don`t remember)
He inadvertedly decided who won, as after the final race his boat was thoroughly scrutinised and the black band on the boom was found to be 1/4 inch out. He was disqualified from the race thus moving Julian Hereward up one place. Therefore Hereward displaced Richard Murray as champion by 1/4 point.
Alan was proof that the Lark would carry weight. However, although he dominated in windy weather he was deceptively quick in light airs and the championship he won was not a windy one. Like many good sailors he was fiercely competitive on the water and very laid back on shore. He was also very technically astute. Priapus (1740) in which he won , was wooden decked and is still in his garage.
When I won the nationals in 1976 Alan won the first two races (one long race a day, 4/5 to count in those days) and he was well ahead of third place. When Alan won in 1980 I was runner-up, and our rivalry continued in later years through our children, in both Optimists and Lasers.
The funeral will be next Monday (3.15) at Bedford crem.
Bob Suggitt

Nigel Hufton

Posted: 24 Sep 13 01:20
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I met Alan when i started sailing Larks. Quite a charachter and a great asset to the class.