Ranelagh Down River Race - 22nd September

Charlie Roome

Posted: 08 Sep 13 10:54
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It's the time of year when you all come to visit those long lost friends, drink amazing cheap beer in Putney, launch your lark with a fuzzy head onto the Thames and race down the river, have your picture taken in front of battersea power station, carry on the race back again.

Yes it's the Ranelagh Down River Race.

Club open for drinks on sat night, 21st September
Race: Sun 22nd September.

Shout if you need accom, we shld be able to sort something.

Please post here if you're planning on coming so we can help the club get an idea of numbers.

For those of you who haven't done it before its a must do-very unlike anything you'll ever experience, but great fun.

Contact me with any questions via the webmaster form on this site.

Charlie Roome

Posted: 10 Sep 13 14:00
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2 boats already plus a couple of club members hopefully too...

roll up roll up...

Tim Vick

Posted: 12 Sep 13 08:32
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Thinks Becs and I will be coming and also the guy who crewed for Kian at Penzance is looking to come too (He has sorted a helm). Does any one know of a boat that may be able to borrow for the day? Preferably one that is going to encourage them to join the Lark class and if it needs towing there (which presumably it will do) is somewhere North of London so we could collect it on the way down.

Secondly, what is the start time on Sunday?

Charlie Roome

Posted: 12 Sep 13 16:01
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Final question-good one! Will confirm!

Mike Williams

Posted: 12 Sep 13 16:20
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Charlie, there are a least two boats from PZ; we are looking to get a third and forth depending on shift changes.

Charlie Roome

Posted: 16 Sep 13 06:30
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1030 start on Sunday, slightly earlier than previous years due to tides.


Harry Pynn

Posted: 21 Sep 13 11:09
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we're coming