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Entering for Hayling
Date Posted: 01 Sep 13 04:37
As you will see from the NOR (see previous post), on-line entry will open on 6 September an close on 3 October, on the HISC website.

Please also book tickets for the prize giving dinner and disco in this way.

While you can still enter on the day, it will cost you 5 a day more, so if you are planning to come, please enter in advance!
Author: Nigel Hufton

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Entering for Hayling
Date Posted: 24 Sep 13 01:23
Just a reminder to get your entry in for the Hayling Open now. It help Hayling to know number and saves you a fiver. Remember the Open is open to all!

If you are over 35, there is double reason to enter now, as it's a tenner saving! 
Author: Nigel Hufton

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