Just got this through my email entitled "enquiry for Lark 2455"...

Adam Owens

Posted: 30 Aug 13 11:44
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Looks like our old friend the corrupt Ghanaian bank clerk has now diversified into buying and selling Larks:

From: johnson smith

Contact Number:

my name is Johnson Smith ,i am interested in buying your boat Fireball ,so i will like to know the price and also like to see pics,so if you are willing to sell it to me,i will like you to know that i have client who is owing me and he has agreed to pay me back in form of a certified bank draft or bank transfer,so if you are willing to sell it to me,mail me back asap if the boat Fireball is still available for sale,

Provide me this below details accordingly for your payment to be made out from my partner

Hi, Details below.
Full Name:
Home Address:
Post code:
Telephone number/mobile phone:

for confirmation so the cheque can be issued and dispatched to you safely.

So i will be looking forward to your mail back ASAP.thanks.

I need your quick respond.

Best Regard\'s.

Johnson Smith

Adam Owens

Posted: 30 Aug 13 11:49
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Also why would I call my Lark "Fireball", that's just misleading...

Nigel Hufton

Posted: 01 Sep 13 04:12
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I got a similar enquiry my Lark jib. Spooky!

Pat Jones

Posted: 04 Sep 13 16:46
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I had the same scam mail the other day for 2419. It didn't get past the Mailwasher software.