Preferred dates for National Championships

James Ward

Posted: 08 Aug 13 06:37
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Hello Larkies

I am busy trying to secure Nationals venues for the next 5 years I am am looking to get some feedback from you and an idea on what weeks best suits the class these days.

I know I we will never be able to please everyone and also we have restrictions on which clubs we can get into and on what dates, and also trying not to clash with other major events however all this aside please can you let me know what weeks work and do not work for you and why.

To start the discussion, would a week in early july (not school holidays) work? Maybe a champs at end of Aug? Does it matter if we clash with Cowes week?

Looking forward to your input.


Eluned Stewart

Posted: 09 Aug 13 06:48
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For us personally it has to be the school holidays, half term or summer doesn't matter. I know that does make it more expensive for people though. James also enjoyed the 4 day format but we didn't really participate socially so understand why it didn't suit everyone.

David Young

Posted: 09 Aug 13 07:57
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For South Staffs people, the week before/after the GPs in the same venue would certainly get the numbers up, in the long holidays in August.



Harry Pynn

Posted: 11 Aug 13 14:32
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Needs to be school holidays for us. It doesn't make any difference for us when it is in the school holidays though.

Really liked a week long nationals this time after 4 days last year, but can see the argument for the other side.

Kate Hutchins

Posted: 12 Aug 13 04:04
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It would be great if the nationals could co- inside with the bank holiday weekend at the end of August instead, saving a days leave (and avoiding Cowes & the Fastnet) or be on a slightly shorter format?. For us minimalizing annual leave days required in any way shape of form is a big one ( either that or we both need to become teachers instead, so as to avoid this issue) X

Nigel Scott

Posted: 22 Aug 13 12:45
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Hi Wardy,

If you want Emma and I, it has to be in the school holidays, other that I have a problem with the last week in July due to work every year. So August is best for us, other than that no preference..


Nigel Hufton

Posted: 22 Aug 13 14:12
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Fpor me, school holiday is preferred. No problem with clashes with other events for me. Not too late in August or the weather can be a bit less reliable.