Laminate Sails for Larks

James Ward

Posted: 07 Aug 13 06:46
Message ID: 2354
Following the recent discussion at the Lark Class AGM regarding Laminate sails, a testing period has been established running from now until the 17th of November. During this time a limited number of class approved laminate sails may be produced to allow the class to test these sails to enable a more informed decision to be made as to whether to adopt laminate sails going forward.

If you wish to produce a Laminate sail for testing purposes this sail must meet the current Lark class rules in all ways other than the material from which it is made from, this varies rule 10a, iii. If you wish to arrange for a test sail to be produced permission must be first sought from Tim Vick (Chief Lark Measurer). This is to ensure only a limited number of sails are produced. Once made this sail must be measured and signed by a current class measurer prior to use at any Lark Class event. Once signed, this sail will remain a class legal sail for the remainder of its natural life even if the class subsequently decided not to adopt laminate sails