Spare space?

Michael John

Posted: 31 Jul 13 07:11
Message ID: 2352
Dear All,

I hope that the Champs is going well. I have been convenced to turn up on Friday for the dinner and was wondering two things.

1. Does anybody need either a helm or crew on Friday? I have done both at some stage in the past and think that I can remember how it all works. I don't really need to know much before 9pm on Thursday night so you can wait until you have broken whoever you are sailing with on Thursday before giving me a call. Various people there have my number including the Krailings and Harry so I won't put it on the web.

2. Does anybody have any room in their house for Friday night? My fall back position is to bring a tent but it is looking a little damp and I am not a great fan of camping at the best of times!
Love to all and see you on Friday,