Duckhams updates please......

Ruth Johnson

Posted: 30 Jul 13 13:29
Message ID: 2351
.... we appear to be lacking information nationals guys!!

Harry Pynn

Posted: 03 Aug 13 09:46
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What goes on on nationals stays on nationals.

Your choice to miss out on the best nationals ever at the best venue ever!

James Ward

Posted: 05 Aug 13 02:50
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Yes Harry Pynn!!

Tim Vick

Posted: 05 Aug 13 12:10
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Well there was the rib incident, the sand dune on the golf course incident, the tutu that got stuck to name but a few. But as has been said, you want to know what happened at the Nationals, you should have come to the nationals!

Steve Hall

Posted: 05 Aug 13 15:33
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There was a good incident involving a rubber ring on the last night too!