Lark Masters - Need Boats

Tim Fells

Posted: 25 Jul 13 10:04
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Amidst the fun and games at Felixstowe, please give a thought to the Lark Masters which will be held at Hayling on Oct 5th followed by a one day open i.e. same as last two events. Us oldies will need some help with boat loans - trust us with your steeds, we have all been very well behaved so far!
Please also come and join us for the dinner on Saturday and find out what you will look like in 30 years time!! I know, it will look like a dad dancing competition.
Hope you have a great week in Felixstowe and don't get hit by a hurricane like we had in 86.
Some of us intrepid old Lark sailors are off to the Merlin Nationals in Tenby, our first visit since 95. Those of you with long memories will understand our trepidation. We wonder what scars the 'Pull a Pig' competition left on the local populace.

James Ward

Posted: 26 Jul 13 04:45
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Hi Tim

I will give this a push for you next week at the Nationals, and you can put my boat down to be used..

Give me a call if there is anything else I can do.


LCOA Chairman

Charlie Roome

Posted: 26 Jul 13 04:55
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Roomes senior are putting in an appearance, a good 15+ years since they last set foot in one together!

David Young

Posted: 26 Jul 13 08:16
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First dibs on your boat Wardy please?!


Tim Vick

Posted: 26 Jul 13 11:52
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Won't Wardy be sailing it? :S