Nationals 2013 - FAQ

Charlie Roome

Posted: 11 Jul 13 01:50
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You're coming to the 2013 Nationals, because cheap entry ends tomorrow, so you've all entered I'm sure.

Now if you need some help from a member of the committee with something, be it social advice, racing timings, need a crew/helm, where to stay because your life is a little bit last minute (not mentioning any names) then post away below and we'll do our best to help.

Disclaimer: The Lark Committee does not guarantee it can help with wider life issues!

To get you started your social secretary has answered a few below...

Where do I stay?
Camping is available at the club for £5 a night or £25 for the week. A number of links are available here for b&b's or hotel if you need.

What do I need to bring?
Lark, sailing kit, bike, crew, family (if applicable), sunscreen, camera, beer money, generic telephone device, tunes, fancy dress, smart attire for Friday night prize giving dinner.....

Where am I going?
Felixstowe Ferry Sailing Club

Garry Packer

Posted: 11 Jul 13 02:53
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Planning to camp, is there plenty of room? Richard is intending to buy the equivalent of a tent mansion to share with his girlfriend and dog:-)

James Ward

Posted: 11 Jul 13 04:56
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Yep plenty of room Gary for the Playboy Tent Mansion.

Garry Packer

Posted: 15 Jul 13 13:37
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Thanks James

I assume dogs are OK camping and also we are OK to pitch up Friday evening?

Alan Krailing

Posted: 16 Jul 13 14:10
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Turning up on friday is fine, there will be people around and boats can be left in the sailing club car park.

The club have a fish and chip evening starting at 7pm on a friday and we are welcome to join them. It is advisable to book as the caterers Dad catches the fish that day. Post here if you are interested and I will let the club know numbers

See you soon!

Garry Packer

Posted: 22 Jul 13 13:17
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for Fish & Chips Friday night Helen.

Alan Krailing

Posted: 22 Jul 13 15:19
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So that's 4 fish and chips for you Garry?

Garry Packer

Posted: 23 Jul 13 11:50
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Lost the first number, 3.

Alan Krailing

Posted: 23 Jul 13 14:13
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That's fine Garry, I'll order 3 for you.
Anyone else??? we need to pre order....

Charlie Roome

Posted: 23 Jul 13 15:22
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A few more crucial bits of info...

Entrants can arrive on Friday and leave their boat in the club car park. There will be a Fish and Chip supper available in the club. The fish is caught fresh that day so advisable to book.
Registration is from 10 am to 1pm on Saturday morning in the Portacabin adjacent to the Club.
Additional tickets for Commodoresí reception can be bought at reception (£10 per ticket to inc one drinks voucher and a chilli / rice supper)
From Saturday morning boats can be moved to the top dinghy park adjacent to where we will be launching and next to the club. Spaces available first come first served basis.
Car parking is in the club car park and is free all week.
There will be a be talk / briefing at 1.30 on the Saturday by the harbourmaster about getting in and out of the estuary. The huge shingle spit (Deben bar) is constantly changing and this will be very useful (essential) for everyone. Practice race is at 3.30
The practice race will be 3 short races, each a trapezoid course of one lap allowing 3 practice gate starts.
Food will be served at the club all week 7am breakfast.