Amended PY's

Chris Cooper

Posted: 26 Jun 13 02:25
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The Lark Class is growing somewhat at our club - 0 last October and 5 now (including one club boat)with others looking! We have varying abilities sailing them (from absolute beginers who'd never been in a boat 2 weeks ago and just completed a Nat 1/2 course to sailors who compete on National circuits in other boats - myself included in the Phantom).

Typically this usually involves sailing without the spinnaker (either because they're new or quite often a lot of the older boats don't come equipped with spinnakers so people are waiting to get them rigged) but we also have occasions when crews aren't available and people want to sail them single handed. We're trying to encourage these sailors to participate in racing etc and don't want them getting downhearted based on finishing results etc. I know we can assign individual handicaps but was just wondering if there were any recommended PY's for instances such as
- sailing without a spinnaker
- singlehanded.

David Marlow

Posted: 26 Jun 13 06:55
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As a youngster, I used to sail at Attenborough SC in Nottingham. There was only one Lark and that was me and my dad. We were given +10 on handicap to account for inability to use the spinnaker on the small gravel pit. As I got older and we both improved, they dropped this because it became apparent that we could indeed get the spinnaker up when required. They decided to follow similar rules for all spinnaker classes, as well as single vs. double handing the boats. It's certainly a grey area though and some people get a bit annoyed if boats with dispensations start to beat them...

You could always try it for a series and then adjust the numbers if you find that the results are disproportionate...


Alison Dart

Posted: 26 Jun 13 07:13
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Hi Chris,

Lovely to hear you are starting to grow a strong lark fleet. May I ask what sailing club you are all sailing from so as a class we can promote this to try and encourage other local lark sailors to perhaps join you?

It might also open up other opportunties for Crews etc?


Chris Cooper

Posted: 26 Jun 13 07:35
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We're at Rotherham Sailing Club in South Yorkshire - it all started last October when I bought an ex University boat to use for training (I sail a Phantom normally - can hear the boos from here already).

With regards to the amended handicaps, we're not averse to it - we already allow +20 for the asymetric boats as the water really doesn't suit them and I was going to suggest something similar but wanted to see if there were and precedents out there first - just wish we could persuade the sailing committee to adjust the handicap on the Streakers ;o)

Chris Cooper

Posted: 26 Jun 13 07:42
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Forgot to add - we're not averse to putting on Open Meetings either so if there's enough interest from sailors 'Up Norf' we could perhaps look to run one next year, particularly as we've just stopped running an Enterprise Open every year due to the class losing fleet status at the club