AGM 2013

James Ward

Posted: 19 Jun 13 16:19
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Hi Larkies

I am putting together the Agenda for this years AGM which will be held during this years GJW Direct National Championships at Felixstowe, and I would like to invite members to let me know what you would like to see on it. What points would you like discussed?

This year we want to try and keep the AGM as short as possible, possibly even changing it to a morning AGM before racing. This will be confirmed. Failing this it will be on the Wednesday evening as scheduled.

I'm sure many of you would like to see many things discussed and voted on, and we will get through as much as possible.

I will publish the Agenda in advance to members but to give you a flavour of what's currently on it.

- Review of 2012 season
- Current state of the class
- Class Accounts
- Change of format for Belle Isle Series
- Laminate Sails
- Membership Benefits

I will be sending out a Proxy form prior to the AGM for any members not attending the nationals to put votes forward in advance.

So over to you.....What's important to you?


LCOA - Chairman.

Nigel Hufton

Posted: 20 Jun 13 15:38
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I do think the AGM is an important way for the committee to judge the feeling of Lark sailors and it is important to give it the time it needs for people to have a say. So I am not sure there is time to cram it in before racing, even with the later starts.

However, I am all for keeping the AGM slick and focused - I would suggest this can be done by

1. Circulating the accounts in advance
2. Summarising the arguments for and against each motion up-front (e.g. on laminated sails), to keep discussion to any 'new' points
3. Take over the bar for the AGM, so that people cannot hide in the bar and avoid it
4. Present/vote on committee changes on mass

We should also try to get everyone there. I know it can seem tedious to people, but it is important that everyone who sails Larks - even just the Natoinals - understands that the committee cannot operate without the feedback and help from everyone in the the class.

Charlie Roome

Posted: 21 Jun 13 02:54
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I think the suggestion for an option to have an early AGM might have come from my side, and in that case, really appreciate people's views.

My concern was exactly as you note-the AGM is the one forum the class have each year to shape its future, and getting everyone to come to debate the important topics is key, so we should agree how best to do that (and cut the faff!).

My (limited) experience was that people sometimes took it to be an evening off, whereas I thought if we had a 3 hr postponement one day it would be a good slot when the fleet were around.

To me I'm really interested to get people's views on the circuit-format, number of events etc-I think we have the potential to increase attendance but that's what we need everyone's views on, and even most importantly those who currently don't travel (in a way if you're at the champs the current format works for you!).

If the way to achieve this is a pre AGM quick online survey to membership via e news, I'm more than happy to commit my time to doing that. That might get a wide set of views and concentrate discussions?

James Ward

Posted: 05 Jul 13 04:23
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Hi All

To confirm the Class accounts are now ready and will be circulated over the next couple of days along with Helen's (Treasurer) summary.

I have also ask all the major sailmakers for the class to put together a paper which gives more information on the Pro's and Con's on Laminate sails and also a price comparison. This should provide a better understanding and more facts about Laminate sails to help people make their vote.

I confirm at this stage, I will be proposing that the Class allows Laminate Mainsails. This will not be a compulsory option and Lark owners will still be able to buy Dacron sails if they wish, but we will be following what many other classes have successfully done over the last few years and give sailors an option of buying either if they wish.

My reasons for this is I think it will significantly boost the image and the profile of the class and will show that we are continuing to move the class forward. With all our rival classes doing it it really is a case of following the trend and we are currently in danger of being left behind. I will be providing more detail on my reasons when sending all the sailmaker information out.

The plan is to send out all the information I have gained from the Sailmakers along with a short survey, and we will discuss the results of the is during the AGM. Depending on this discussion and the results of the survey we will then put it to a class vote, via postal or online voting to the entire membership.


Emma Harris

Posted: 10 Jul 13 04:51
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The date and time of the AGM has got to be publicised, so if you intend to have it before racing and postpone the racing for it, people will simply turn up later in the day for the race. If people are not going to go to the AGM, they will just not go - whether it's in the evening, in the morning or straight after racing. You have to make people feel responsible for being there (and guilty for not).

Having said all of that, Nigel and I are going to struggle to get to the AGM this year if it is in the evening, as we'll only have a couple of evening "passes" and, frankly, I'd prefer to use them to be at a couple of the social events. From our point of view, a daytime AGM would be much more preferable (still giving the evening off if that's what people want), but that's just us! Others will have different views.

PS It doesn't have to be long!! 3 hours is mega, and that's what puts people off coming. Keep it to 1 hour max...

James Ward

Posted: 10 Jul 13 10:24
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Thanks Emma, all good points.. - I'm going to try and keep it as short as possible this year and this is why there is a lot of work going into it prior this year. I agree 3 hours is too long but I also think 1 hour is ambitious. I will try and get a balance between giving people a chance to discuss the agenda in an open forum, with moving things along as quickly as possible.

James Ward

Posted: 10 Jul 13 10:50
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I can now confirm that the Agenda for the 2013 AGM is:

1. Review of 2012 season
2. Current state of the class
3. Accounts
4. Laminate Sails
5. Change of format for Belle Isle Series
6. Membership Benefits
7. Joint Nationals/ Events
8. AOB

Charlie Roome

Posted: 11 Jul 13 07:02
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Emma et al

Wardy is wearing a pink skirt if 30 people turn up-any more incentive needed?!