Mast Rake: VMG, Comfort or an old wives' tale??

Steve Chatten

Posted: 12 Jun 13 10:33
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Ive been wandering around the dinghy park recently asking people how much they change their mast rake under various conditions.

To my surprise, there seems to be a split between those who do & those who don't, and yet those who don't still seem to lead the fleet when the breeze gets up.

So what is the argument for increasing mast rake as the breeze increases?
Does it really allow us to point higher or sail faster?
If so, how - what is the science behind this?

Or does it just make the beat more comfortable?
If so, how?

Any thoughts?

Charlie Roome

Posted: 13 Jun 13 15:18
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I slightly sense mine and Dave's lack of raking (we did on last day of Plymouth nats, but very rarely otherwise) was due to a combination of pies and laziness than true choice!