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More winter sailing
Date Posted: 28 Oct 04 04:29
Frensham Pond SC once again offers a full winter of sailing for those living south of the M4 - and those further north if you feel like travelling. Three races are available every weekend from November until the end of March. (Bank holidays, too. Who wouldn't rather spend Boxing Day sailing than fighting the family?)

Class racing with good turnouts; Dry feet launching; Hot showers, Great galley. What more could you want?

Included will be the Frensham Five 2005 - more details on this later - and the infamous Frensham Frenzy on 13th March.

See our website at www.sailfrensham.org.uk or contact Nick Hurst (Nickohurst@BTopenworld.com, 01730 89266, 07775 708381).

Our winter series turnouts historically are higher than the summer so we expect good fleets with abilities at all levels. Help & advice is on-hand for those who want it. You only have to ask.

Come & join the best Lark fleet in the South!
Author: Frensham

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More winter sailing
Date Posted: 02 Nov 04 04:47
It might be amusing to have a Frensham v Northampton event at the end of the winter. 
Author: challenger

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More winter sailing
Date Posted: 02 Nov 04 04:53
Even better a threesome with the waldringfield (alton water) guys, northampton and frensham! Nothing like a roast in the winter. 
Author: Threesome

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More winter sailing
Date Posted: 02 Nov 04 08:17
How would that work, then?

I'm sure that FPSC would be up for it... Wouldn't you, guys? 
Author: Nick

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More winter sailing
Date Posted: 05 Nov 04 10:53
I'm always up for a threesome. 
Author: hopeful

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