Rear Vents

David Chorlton

Posted: 23 May 13 11:11
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I have a lark number 1372 and there are two openings either side of where the tiller is mounted, should they be fitted with a cover as I have seen on other boats and if so are they an item i can purchase or should i just fabricate my own, thanks

Harry Pynn

Posted: 23 May 13 11:21
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Depending on the size of the transom holes the tried and tested thing to use is flap of plastic taped to the transom on one edge just above the hole. The tape forms a hinge so that the flap opens with water pressure on the inside, but most of the time is sticks to the transom.

Some people have tried accetate, but this is not strong enough. I usually cut up a plastic folder like these ones:


Richard Foster

Posted: 29 Jun 13 01:17
Reply ID: 6484 do a universal kit, 39-2070 @ 9.15

John Knowles

Posted: 01 Jul 13 11:21
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I just cover mine in gaffer tape from the outside, then kick/push it off if required.