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Royal Harwich Open - 22nd/23rd June
Date Posted: 12 May 13 19:28
Come and see the new clubhouse for yourself!
As usual three class event so lots of fun and fine sailing on the Orwell with free camping in the grounds. Details of social plans and inter-class competitions and what the children will be getting up to will follow.
Author: Harry Pynn

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Royal Harwich Open - 22nd/23rd June
Date Posted: 10 Jun 13 08:01
So the onshore plan is coming together:
Cheap and cheerful grub for all - and drink that would be reasonably cheap if it were not for HMRC.
Free camping & campervan parking.... any accomodation issues let me know.
Childrens activities:
Crabbing - obviously - kit provided to avoid unfair competition.
Tug-of-War - interclass if the Firefly and Lark classes bring enough participants along or vs the locals if not....
Film Club - A DVD of my choosing (so probably Pixar) for the children to watch while we eat and drink on Saturday night... if the builders finish the room and the club can find the TV....
Tug-of-War - interclass..
Boat racing - with wooden boats not pints...

Any questions drop me an email on:
Author: Antony Antony

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