Rock/Missing Bouyancy Aid

Chris Whitehouse

Posted: 07 May 13 09:53
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What a weekend!

Rock was truly fantastic this year - wall to wall sunshine and good breazes.

In all the excitement, I think I managed to leave Rock without my bouyancy aid. Has any one picked up/did anyone spot a grey Zhik bouyancy aid in the changing room or dinghy park on Monday after sailing?

If anyone has any information as to the whereabouts of the missing article, I will happily repay in beer.


Ruth Johnson

Posted: 08 May 13 19:08
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oh Chris, only just seen your message and we have only just got home! Sorry!

Chris Whitehouse

Posted: 10 May 13 09:43
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No worries Ruth.

I rang the club, who had a look round for me, but couldn't spot it.

Hope you guys enjoyed your additional days.