Why is my boom lower at the stern?

Michael Hamilton

Posted: 02 May 13 22:21
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I've just bought an old Baker Lark 1574 and the boom is sitting quite low at the clew end.
Being new to sailing, can anyone tell me if this is nornal or is there something I need to do so that it sits level as its a bit tricky to duck under.
A couple of points of note:

1. I can only get the main sail to about 30cm from top of mast. should it go all the way up?
2. the luff and foot edges of the sail look a bit crumpled. Do they need to to stretched?
3. The sail appears to be a bit baggy.

Any advise whould be very welcome.


Ruth Johnson

Posted: 03 May 13 08:07
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Hi Michael

From what you have described, it suggests the sail you have is not a lark main. Where are you based? A local lark sailor may be able to come and help you.

Tim Vick

Posted: 03 May 13 12:23
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As far as I am aware, the sail should go to the top of the mast (or at least near it). What is stopping it going higher?

Many boats don't have the tack attached to the boom and allow it to go higher, how is your sail attached to the front of the boom/mast? Mine is tied to the mast with a loop of rope so it is able to rise higher up the mast.

You can sort of see what I mean on this photo http://www.larkclass.org/gallery/gallery_display.php?library_id=183# (Image 7 of 11)

and here http://www.larkclass.org/gallery/gallery_display.php?library_id=149#

(image 10 of 19) you can see the red rope holding the main onto the mast, just above the boom.

Garry Packer

Posted: 03 May 13 21:46
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Interesting one

Sail should be at top of mast.

Clew end is often lower especially with Kicker on but it shouldn't be much.

Any sailing instructor or experienced sailor should be able to help, your problem is not lark specific.

Michael Hamilton

Posted: 04 May 13 07:52
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Hi Ruth,
I know what you mean. It does seem a litte odd but I'm reasonably certain that I have a Lark main as on it it
has the Lark symbol it. I'll remain open minded until
I sort it out.
Many thanks,

Michael Hamilton

Posted: 04 May 13 08:02
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Thanks for your thoughts.
I'll take a look and see how I get on.

Alan Krailing

Posted: 04 May 13 21:00
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Hi Michael,

I suspect it is a lark main and as tim suggests its a question of getting it right to the top. When you pull it up get it as high as you possible can before you put the boom on the goose neck.
The other thing to try is more tension on the jib halyard, you need a good couple of hundred pounds of tension on it not enough could add to the problem your having. Good luck.

Michael Hamilton

Posted: 04 May 13 23:17
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Thanks for the advice Alan.

Pat Jones

Posted: 19 May 13 06:01
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Since it is an older Lark you may have a sliding gooseneck which is the bit the boom goes into on the mast. If it has a knob that turns, it can be slid up and down to help fit the sail.

Richard Foster

Posted: 29 Jun 13 01:10
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Had a similar problem with the sail not going right to top, Pull it up without the boom in gooseneck. The sail should then go right to the top, then use the existing or make a cunningham to pull the sail and boom down and then fit it to the gooseneck.
If it still looks like the boom is tipping down at the back you could adjust the shrouds to pull the mast forward.