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Kite Surfers Invite
Date Posted: 25 Apr 13 12:54
The KiteSurfers have invited Lark sailors over to the Station House Marazion on Saturday 25thMay evening. They've got a band and are right on top of the sandy beach - great spot with St. Michaels Mount ...... Obviously they will be at the Penzance clubhouse for Sunday evenings band (Dolphin Fly) and party.
They are also keen on an unofficial race around the bay, Saturday early evening! Round StMichael'sMount, Mousehole Island, Newlyn Bouy, Gear pole and backto Penzance!
Author: Mark Chadwick

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Kite Surfers Invite
Date Posted: 25 Apr 13 13:17
Sounds interesting.

For the race are they going to sail double handed to even things up a bit? 
Author: Tim Vick

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