Penzance Party House

Pete Mitchell

Posted: 22 Apr 13 20:57
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Who fancies sharing a house at Penzance this year? We don't really want a B&B, and sharing a house will be easier, cheaper, and much more entertaining.

Not sure how many they're expecting for the event, but given the hard effort Penzance boats put into attending the more 'midland' events, I hope lots of boats make the trip down in return.

Who's up for it?

Mark Chadwick

Posted: 25 Apr 13 12:42
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Hiya Pete
Not sure but I think the Sea Cadets quarters are available which is close to everything. I'm sure Laura, who seems to be in the know, will no doubt pick up on this. I'm sure everyone will fit in somewhere. The Penzance Larkies will make sure everyone is comfortable I'm sure.

Tim Vick

Posted: 25 Apr 13 13:14
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As Mark said, that's what we did last year and its about a 5 min walk to the club and your actually in town. Its nothing flash, but is a dry warm place to sleep.

We are effeminately coming down, it is such an amazing place to sail we wouldn't miss it.

Laura Mitchell

Posted: 28 Apr 13 21:15
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Hi Pete,
I have secured the Sea Cadets quarters for this event as we did last year. Its basic but has a great kitchen and there are loads of rooms (you just need need to bring bedding inclusive of airbeds/roll mats)
We stayed there last year and its only 10 per person per night.

If you or anyone else is interested let me know and I'll put your names down.