Rock 2013

Adam Owens

Posted: 08 Apr 13 21:40
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Has anyone been more organised than me and sorted out accommodation for Rock yet? If so, I'm on the lookout for digs somewhere...

Mark Chadwick

Posted: 10 Apr 13 18:31
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If your stuck Adam there is a room at our place. Upton Towans better than Hotel Mondeo.

Adam Owens

Posted: 14 Apr 13 23:09
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Thanks for the offer Mark, appreciate it - I'll keep my ears open if there's a bed spare somewhere in Rock though.

Steve Cumley

Posted: 17 Apr 13 21:31
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Hi Adam,

I am sharing with Steve, Helen and Lucy in one of the Slipway cottages. We have got spare spaces and would welcome your company.

Kind Regards

Adam Owens

Posted: 22 Apr 13 22:00
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Cheers Steve, that sounds great. Give me a shout on 07753467520.

Jonathan Woodward

Posted: 26 Apr 13 19:53
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does anybody know what the format is for the races how many a day and what time they are lightly to finish on Mon

Ruth Johnson

Posted: 28 Apr 13 09:36
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it's Rock Jonny, we go with the flow :-)