South Staffs / Shustoke weekend

Mark Chadwick

Posted: 07 Mar 13 13:59
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With the double open fast approaching we (weather permitting) hope to have a few Penzance boats trekking up to Middle England. I dont think I can handle another saturday night clubbing in Wolverhampton so whats on nearby. We have booked in at Cannock. Looking forward to the same as last year-perfect.

Will Croxford

Posted: 08 Mar 13 13:31
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Hi Mark

South Staffs have planned a club social do in the evening for club members and anyone who has travelled for the lark open is more than welcome. There has been no food organised as yet, but if a large number of people agree to attend form the larks then this is something we could accommodate.

Below is the details I have taken from South Staffs Website.

Get your brains in gear for a QUIZ NIGHT on Saturday 23rd March (following Lark Open, Lark Open visitors welcome)

Teams of 4, don't worry if you can't organise a team beforehand, just turn up and I'll put people together (or use the Forum)

7.30pm for prequiz drinks (quiz will start at 8pm sharp - don't upset the quizmaster!)

1.50 per person entry.

Email Amanda: for further information

Mark Chadwick

Posted: 10 Mar 13 10:37
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Thanks Will. I'll Report to the escape committe and give Amanda a shout.

Mark Chadwick

Posted: 21 Mar 13 20:54
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With the Arctic weather forecast it is looking doubtfull that the Penzance boats are going to travel this weekend. We have agreed to make a late call Friday afternoon, but its not looking good. are the clubs still going ahead or can they re-schedule!

Chris Biglin

Posted: 22 Mar 13 10:43
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Serious consideration is being given to a reschedule and, although its not my call, I think a postponement is very likely.

Best check back before travelling.

David Young

Posted: 22 Mar 13 12:03
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I've just had an e-mail from Tony and Will at South Staffs saying the open tomorrow is OFF and will be re-scheduled for another date.

I'd be interested to know about the Shustoke open - not least of all because it's combined with GPs?



Chris Biglin

Posted: 22 Mar 13 12:21
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I can confirm that the Shustoke Open is also postponed which will affect both Larks and GPs.

Dave, if you can get a message onto the GP forums it would be appreciated.

Jonathan Woodward

Posted: 12 Apr 13 19:54
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do we know when these events are going to be re-scheduled?

Chris Biglin

Posted: 14 Apr 13 21:02
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I believe that 21st/22nd Sept are being considered, Jon.

Charlie Roome

Posted: 14 Apr 13 21:50
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22nd not ideal given that's already Ranelagh lark open

Mark Chadwick

Posted: 10 May 13 12:44
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Any news on South Staffs/ Shustoke weekend. We are keen to do it but Ranleigh is one we highlighted as well.

Laura Mitchell

Posted: 12 May 13 23:21
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We are currently trying re-schedule these events info will follow soon.