felixstowe nationals

Alan Krailing

Posted: 31 Jan 13 19:56
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Unfortunately I'm not able to sail again this year as I have no childcare for the week. As we live only a few miles away I will be "on the beach" for the week with Tom who will be just 3 and Emily who will be 15 months. I was just wondering who else is planning on being around that week with kids and would be interested in meeting up?

There is a lovely sandy beach at bawdsey, just opposite the club and a ferry that runs to it which will hopefully entertain Tom for a bit and felixstowe ferry is great for crabbing but they are not activities I can do for long with my two. I am happy to organise something so that kids can play together and parents / grandparents can chat and we can be inside if it rains. who else would be interested and how old are your children?

Helen ( obviously it's me and not Alan - he's sailing!)

James Ward

Posted: 04 Feb 13 11:32
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Hi Helen

I think this is a great idea and thanks very much for starting to organise.

Me and Katie will be there sailing and we will have Jack who will be about 13 months by then. Jacks grandparents will be there for the week looking after Jack when we are on the water but I'm sure both Jack and them would love the chance to hang out with other 'Shore Crew' members and let the kids play together.

So we are keen to find out more!

Thanks again