Letter to Santa

Steve Chatten

Posted: 18 Dec 12 12:25
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So, I sent off my email to Santa the other day explaining what a good boy I have been all year long.
I went on to ask if Santa would be able to bring me any new sails with him when he does his epic trip in a few days.
I got an email back from one of his helpers, explaining that due to the current economic climate & departmental cuts, that I would need to advise on where to get the best deals this year, so that the steering group could be sure thay were making well informed decisions.
So, I got scanning the forum & news articles, but didnt find any promotional offers on Lark sails this year.
Is anyone aware of any festive sail loft promotions at the moment?


Tim Vick

Posted: 18 Dec 12 16:50
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P & B have 20% off I think. Offer ends on Friday?

Stuart Hydon

Posted: 24 Dec 12 17:12
Reply ID: 6391
Jon Clarke is offering 10% off the quoted website prices. This means a full suit for 823.50. Website address is www,edgesails.com. Ps he is non vatable so no nasty 20% extra.