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Well it's only taken 3 years..............
Date Posted: 15 Dec 12 19:59
3 years ago I started looking at doublehanders and a Lsrk was up there as an option. Well today that journey has ended (or more like very much started) as that elusive Lark I've been looking for has been added to my fleet!!!

2449 will shortly be seen on the water at Rotherham Sailing Club and there's even some intrigue about the Lark which could mean we'll have gone from 0 to 4 at RSC in time for the Frostbite series start in March!!!

She's in need of some TLC (mainly cosmetic) having been used for University Team racing throughout her life but she's my winter project to tidy up and convert to fleet racing spec so no doubt I'll be popping along for lots of advice over the next few months. I'll post a link to some photos of her when she's all finished but if anyone has any tips by all means pop them in here now.
Author: Chris Cooper

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Well it's only taken 3 years..............
Date Posted: 16 Dec 12 10:54
Hi Chris
Welcome to the fleet. I can't give you any tips as boat maintenance is not my strong point, but I can tell you that you will have great fun sailing and socialising with the lark fleet.
Author: Eluned Stewart

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