Crew needed

Nigel Hufton

Posted: 09 Nov 12 21:06
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I am tempted to come to the winters, not having sailed for months, but don't have a crew. Anyone know of a crew available?

07870 591511

Mike Williams

Posted: 13 Nov 12 08:22
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Nigel, if you are up for a challenge, my 12 year old daughter is available to crew. She has just started sailing this year, and has sailed at club level, and won some races with myself in our lark, and with another club member in a RS200. Imogen can set and fly a kite, but will need encourgement. If this helps in any way, please let me know.

Nigel Hufton

Posted: 16 Nov 12 11:05
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Sorry mike, I only just picked this up. Thanks, but I've decided not to go now. Hope you find someone for her.