Crew for the Winters

Laura Mitchell

Posted: 29 Oct 12 11:25
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If anyone needs a crew for the Winters or knows of someone who needs one, Penzance have an excellent new young sailor called Kian who is extremely keen to sail a Lark. Kian has been sailing the Lark this summer and already thinks the boat is great but lets show him how amazing a fleet of Larks can be.

If you need a crew please contact me on 07929082128

Nick Marlow

Posted: 04 Nov 12 16:44
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I'm looking for a crew for the Winters. If still available and interested let me know on 0777 606 8912 or email nmarlow at

Kevin Rose

Posted: 04 Nov 12 17:51
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Sorry Nick. I have nabbed Kian!! amny thanks for the organisation Laura!

Kian Andrews

Posted: 04 Nov 12 19:24
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Hi Kevin,
Kian here, mum & Dad have booked our hotel, and I'm really excited about competing, this will be my first winters.
Will you want to have a practice sail Saturday? Had a good taster of lark speed! today sailing with Laura at a windy Penzance in a club race. (Thanks Laura)