2012 Harken Lark Winter Champs

James Ward

Posted: 24 Oct 12 12:10
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I don't know about anyone else but I'm starting to get very excited about the fast approaching Lark Winter Champs! only a few weeks away and the committee are pleased to announce that Harken will once again be sponsoring the event!

Details of the event, the dinner and accommodation will be up on the website soon

As it's been an extra long time since the last major event, the turn out for this years winter champs could be the biggest in recent years.

I will be there with the mighty BRUCE sailing with my lovely wife and crew Katie for her comeback event to the class after some time out to give birth to my future light airs crew 'Jack'...So who else is going to be on the start line??!!


Alison Dart

Posted: 29 Oct 12 13:14
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Yes really looking forward to it, Smarty Pants is so excited that she's already ready and waiting in Northampton!

For anyone who hasn't been to a Lark Winter Champs before it is the event of the year which definitely can not be missed!! A weekend of fantastic sailing and socialising.

With Saturday night being our yearly prize giving for the GJWDirect Belle Isle Series, please can I remind all 2011 trophy winners to return their trophies to me at registration on Saturday (with trophies cleaned and engraved) ready to be awarded to the new 2012 winners!

Looking forward to seeing you all there.


Kevin Rose

Posted: 29 Oct 12 20:01
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lets get some excitement going for the event!

this is a fantastic occasion where you can sabotage the people doing well by buying them drinks half way through and ensuring they have a healthy hangover.

I am going to be there propping up the fleet but hopefully in a much sexier boat (mid life crisis is kicking in) Northampton never fail to run a good event and a good social, so lets show some support!


John Crooks

Posted: 30 Oct 12 17:19
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Mlevi will most definately be making an appearance.... the headache tablets are ready and waiting in the car...

Charlie Roome

Posted: 31 Oct 12 13:23
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We'll be there for sure

Tim Vick

Posted: 31 Oct 12 16:07
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Becs and I are coming

Tim Vick

Posted: 31 Oct 12 16:07
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Becs and I are coming

Ruth Johnson

Posted: 31 Oct 12 18:32
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soooo excited as usual!!

Simon Haighton

Posted: 31 Oct 12 19:25
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Ah yes, the event where I wake on Sunday morning hoping the racing will be cancelled due to severe hangover

Note to self: don't fall asleep wearing contact lenses and try and put a second pair on in the morning, your vision doesn't get twice as good.....

Kate Hutchins

Posted: 01 Nov 12 09:07
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In there like swimwear !!!

James Ward

Posted: 01 Nov 12 21:21
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All the info you need is now live on the site! So get entering and more importantly get buying those dinner tickets!

Ruth Johnson

Posted: 02 Nov 12 18:57
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hotel booking code doesn't seem to work?

Ruth Johnson

Posted: 05 Nov 12 08:17
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does now :-)

James Ward

Posted: 12 Nov 12 12:56
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Only 5 days to go until the winters. We have had a good number of entries so far but we know there are loads more of you out there planning on coming. PLEASE get on the site and register so we can start to get an idea of the numbers.

Thanks guys!

See you at the weekend :)


David Young

Posted: 12 Nov 12 20:08
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Hope you all have a great weekend. We'd love to come but there is something else going on this weekend which is apparently more important...

Good to see Bruce on the water this year though!


Alison Dart

Posted: 13 Nov 12 14:48
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Only a few days to go now until the winters. If you are planning on coming to the Winter Champs and would like to come to the Saturday night price giving dinner, please book your tickets asap. It's quickly booking up and we need to finalise numbers with Northampton SC on Thursday AM. So make sure you buy your ticket before the end of wednesday not to miss out on the fun!

Can I also remind everyone competing that all competitors (crews as well as helms) need to be a member of the assocation for the weekend. if you are not a member you can happy join on saturday morning.

See you all on Saturday.

John Crooks

Posted: 13 Nov 12 16:29
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Ladies and Gents... word of advise make sure you look at the old DJ prior to the weekend, mine's going to need a seamstress before it's fit for a public outing..

Oh and get the brain thinking about some annual duckhams!!