Ranelagh - Down River Race - 21st October

Chris Whitehouse

Posted: 28 Sep 12 08:45
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Plans are afoot for the Thames Down River Race to be hosted by Ranelagh SC in Putney on the 21st October.

The club are planning to open the 'very reasonably priced' bar on Saturday night from 7:30 to welcome all the visiting lark sailors - for those still peckish a curry take away will be ordered. And, there will be floor space available at the club for any who need to crash over.

On Sunday morning, bacon butties will ber served prior to a 12:30 start. And there may even be a tea planned for after racing.

All this for a bargain 10 per boat.

So, all we need to know now is, who's coming?

Please post below to indicate your intention to attend.


Tim Vick

Posted: 28 Sep 12 11:11
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I think Becs and I are coming.

Charlie Roome

Posted: 28 Sep 12 19:54
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Dave and I will def be there. When Chris says reasonably priced bar it's like a top gear reasonably priced car, ie very reasonably priced!

This event was awesome fun last year (despite it being the first time Dave and I ever got in a boat together) so the more who can make it the better.

Daniel Sell

Posted: 29 Sep 12 21:53
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There should be 2 PZ boats too.

David Marlow

Posted: 01 Oct 12 11:22
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Very much looking forward to this!!

Laura Mitchell

Posted: 07 Oct 12 20:46
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Think John and I are planning on attending. Floor space to crash will be greatly received too!

Charlie Roome

Posted: 15 Oct 12 22:01
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Sounds like we've got a good group of people coming.

If you're planning to come, if you could post here or join the facebook group will help us with numbers and planning.

Looking forward to it.


Tim Vick

Posted: 16 Oct 12 13:22
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Turns out we could do with somewhere to stay on the Saturday night so could we also have some floor space please?



Adam Owens

Posted: 16 Oct 12 19:09
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I'm in town this weekend, I'd very much like to pop in for a drink on Saturday please.

Mike Williams

Posted: 17 Oct 12 17:09
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Chris, Floor space required on Saturday, for the four cornish boys from Penzance Please.

Charlie Roome

Posted: 22 Oct 12 13:41
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Results here:

Photos here: http://rolltack.smugmug.com/Sports/Sailing/RSC-Lark-Open-2012/26070106_JWHHT3#!i=2165040715&k=wj7J5Q3

Thanks to all those who made the trip, especially those from further afield.

Report to follow...

Chris Whitehouse

Posted: 22 Oct 12 17:54
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Some great snaps there!

Ruth Johnson

Posted: 22 Oct 12 18:34
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Well done Charlie and Dave

think the class secretary needs changing on the Ranelagh website!!