Lifting fixed rudder

Des Menear

Posted: 16 Sep 12 17:51
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I broke my lifting rudder at the Penzance Open,I have been looking online for the stock which allows the blade to slide down through the stock,I have a fixed rudder but I feel this would make life alot easier.
Are they as good as a fixed rudder?
Where do I get one and what is the price?

Hope to see you at London


Mark Ampleford

Posted: 24 Sep 12 13:25
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Hi Des,
I believe the stock you have seen is one made by Simon Cox of but I cannot see it on his website. Give him a call to discuss.

Hope all is well down in Pz.

Chris Biglin

Posted: 30 Sep 12 21:49
Reply ID: 6329
Simon certainly used to make them or try Ovi as they use a stock like this on the niners, I think John Crooks uses one.