Lark tuning guide


Posted: 25 Oct 04 12:39
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Is the tuning guide going to be put on line? I am quite keen to go back to the start with my boat, but can't seem to get a copy of the Ullmans/Hydes numbers (am happy to use Mk11 numbers).

Nick Hurst

Posted: 25 Oct 04 04:19
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I have the Ullman guide scanned into my PC. email me at & I'll send it over... (I think I also have the Hyde guide on paper. I can scan that too if you like.)


Posted: 25 Oct 04 05:15
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A scanned copy of what was on the website for the Parker boats is at


Posted: 26 Oct 04 03:46
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I have the Hyde one in word format, what's your address?

Posted: 27 Oct 04 09:31
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...which is now on the website.