Resutls needed please

Stuart Allen

Posted: 16 Sep 12 17:39
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Hi All

I need a set of results for

Barnt Green and West Kirby

Please can someone send me a link or the results please?

Many thanks


Tim Vick

Posted: 17 Sep 12 14:06
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Hi Stuart,

Barnet Green was as follows (if my memory serves me right)
1. Stuart and Nick Hydon,
2. Mike Senior
3. Adrian Padro
4. Kelsey Suggit
5. Tim Vick and Rebecca Marks
not sure from here on, Kevin Rose, Tony Hotchkiss and Bob Suggit all sailed along with at least one other local boat.

West Kirby
1.Steve Cumley and Nicola Cumley,
2.Tim Vick and Rebecca Marks
3.Steve Chatten and Helen Winward
4. and 5. Local boats who's names I can't remember sorry :(

Thanks for updating the results, good luck getting the outstanding information.

Stuart Hydon

Posted: 18 Sep 12 14:07
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I think you will find John Billington was second, not Mike Senior....wishful thinking though! Sorry John.

Tim Vick

Posted: 18 Sep 12 15:07
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Your right it was John.

Stuart Allen

Posted: 20 Sep 12 08:11
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Thanks so far, any chance you could stretch the memory banks with crew names for Barnt Green please Tim?


Tim Vick

Posted: 24 Sep 12 09:20
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I think (from looking at the short course results) Kevin Rose was probably sailing with David Lynch. Kate Merit was sailing with Karen Alexander but not really sure for any of the others sorry. Hope you manage to sort something before the winters so I don't have to count an 87th.

Stuart Allen

Posted: 29 Sep 12 17:30
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Still need some clarity on crew names and other finishers at Barnt Green and West Kirby.