Old spinnaker pole fixing broken

Steve Stone

Posted: 29 Aug 12 15:31
Message ID: 2236
My old Lark (hull 455) spinaker pole slides up and down a wire attached to the front of the mast. The attachment to the wire is a plastic traingular 2-part piece about 10mm thick and about 25-30mm on the . The two halves normally clamp together either side of the wire allowing the 'mast' end of the pole to slide up and down.

Last weekend this plastic part shattered - I'm wondering if anyone knows if these parts are still available. I don't even know what it's called - I was hoping it might be a fitting that is more common than just old lark poles.

Any clues? (I could post a photo of the part if it helps)



Paul Roe

Posted: 01 Sep 12 11:54
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That type of system used to be popular on merlins (a long time ago) so you could try their website for old parts.

I once made one by folding over a piece of 16g aluminium and sandwiching between it another piece the same thickness as the wire.
Hold together with pop rivets after fitting.