Novice sailing

Audie Murphy

Posted: 21 Aug 12 13:44
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I have just moved from a GP 14 (wooden) to a lark. I am very pleased with the lark however I have a question. When I go about the boat heels over straight after the turn. It goes over to the point of letting water in over the side. Am I doing something wrong? I have sailed GPs and Wayfarers and not had this problem. Any tips gratefully received.

Thanks Audie

Chris Biglin

Posted: 22 Aug 12 18:07
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The Lark is round underneath so it does roll more easily than the "heavier" boats you refer to.

You can control the amount of roll with your body weight but I think that you are also sitting too far back. You need to keep your weight forward, right next to the thwart, which keeps your weight over the most bouyant part of the hull and minimises the water coming over the side.

Some people have also put tape or fablon over the rear corners as this is where water comes in first if you are not paying attention.

Audie Murphy

Posted: 23 Aug 12 22:49
Reply ID: 6278
Thanks Chris,

The boat does heel over quite a lot when going about. I thought you may have to let the main sail out before going about and then trim it back in agian once you have made the turn.