First Lark Penzance Open

Mark Chadwick

Posted: 20 Aug 12 00:11
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Well people its our turn, this holiday weekend is forecast to be perfect sailing. Everything is right tides, food,great band, weather...all the excuses for a Lark sailor to hitch up. Ring Katherine, Laura or me for any advice help or just to say your on the road.

Tim Vick

Posted: 20 Aug 12 16:21
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Just back from the Fireball nationals at Penzance last week and it was an amazing sail. The wind was great and waves amazing. We are definitely going back for the Lark open this weekend!

Laura Mitchell

Posted: 20 Aug 12 23:40
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We also have an extra boat in the pen if anyone wants to come and sail at the PZSC open but does not want to tow a boat all the way. It is 'About Time Two' just give us call if your interested.

Mark Chadwick

Posted: 20 Aug 12 23:26
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Ah so plenty of window shoppers.
Latest news is there is a spare DECENT Lark belonging to a club member available.
Laura has sorted some cheap digs close to everything. The Top six GB kite surfers are having a closed meeting and will join us in the club.
Sunday night is the legendary Newlyn fish festival which will be absolutely packed. Beleive me its bugger all to do with fish from what I can remember.
The surfing Larks say there is decent clean stuff for Monday if you know where to go. See Dan,Joe or Mike.
Must mention the band is being sponsored by a business called INTERSYS (computer business systems) awfully good company.
Finally to the dormant dead and dying B&Q will probally be open and we will try and keep you updated at some point.

Mark Chadwick

Posted: 22 Aug 12 11:09
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Looks good for us in the far west for weather F3 to F4. Warm and sunny as the remenant of hurricane gordon will probally go over us on Friday. Not so good for Middle England!