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Tom Jeffcoate

Posted: 05 Aug 12 22:41
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A few weeks ago while at an event and drinking with various Larkies the subject of an international event for various national classes came up. We have done something about it and now have a provisional booking with Carnac YC for the 24th - 27th May 2014. This weekend covers the bank holiday so will only require 1 - 2 days holiday depending on where you live and should also be part of half term for most people.

Having contacted the Lark committee they are keen so the real question is who else is?

Some details have been put together at

There is also a link to register interest. We're not after commitment at this stage, just an idea of who else is keen so please sign up if you think you might be up for it.

I will think more about how best to organise it closer the time but if anyone has any suggestions before anything gets set in stone please let me know...


Michael John

Posted: 24 Aug 12 13:40
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Sounds like fun. I might even have a Lark again by then. Does this mean that James also has to go to defend his title?

Alison Dart

Posted: 28 Aug 12 13:38
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Sounds a excellent idea for a European champs!

Simon Haighton

Posted: 28 Aug 12 16:47
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I'm keen :-)

Charlie Roome

Posted: 29 Aug 12 20:21
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Keen...though from memory Tom you're a liability at Carnac!

Daniel Watson

Posted: 07 Sep 12 15:10
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2014's International Event is already building momentum across all fleets involved. So far the Scorpion class has taken the lead on getting things moving. Please help out by showing your potential interest in taking part by clicking the green button at the bottom of the scorpion webpage (link below)


Steve Chatten

Posted: 08 Sep 12 16:38
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Done - I'm up for it.

Tom Jeffcoate

Posted: 10 Sep 12 14:29
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Charlie - I assume ur talking about the big red shiny "LAUNCH" button I may have found that week?? If so I prefer the term "pleasantly inebriated" over "liability"!

Reminiscing aside, quick update on interest numbers... Scorpions - 20, Merlins - 16, Larks - 15, N12s - 9 and Fireflies - 1.

James Ward

Posted: 11 Sep 12 13:40
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Tim Vick

Posted: 12 Sep 12 14:11
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Geoff Mayhew

Posted: 14 Sep 12 13:57
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Two main questions - how close is the nearest Chateaux and do they grow their own and what about child care??!! We would love to come - back and farming allowing ...

Tom Jeffcoate

Posted: 02 Oct 12 19:53
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As a single 20 something bloke childcare is not something I'm in a great position to sort out. I also definitely don't want any responsibility for it. However, I'm sure there will be a lot of people who it would help out so it is something that can be looked at.

I would imagine that there will be quite a few shore party who are more than happy to come to france for an event so it may be that some of those are willing to help out. Or something more organised might be an option.

If someone wants to volunteer to have a look into it closer the time then the more help the better...

P.S. I'm sure none of you need any help arranging your own chateaux produce!

Tom Jeffcoate

Posted: 12 Feb 13 21:17
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Tom Jeffcoate

Posted: 27 Aug 13 08:02
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Entry is now open...

Please can you enter now if you know you are coming and everyone who has paid their 20 by 31st Dec will get free event t-shirts.


Tom Jeffcoate

Posted: 03 Oct 13 07:59
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For those people looking into ferries can I recommend holding fire for a few days... we're currently in talks that will get people a small discount and we should have more details in the next few days. Keep an eye on the event homepage or facebook for more updates.

There is already info on discounted camping on the website or you can find links to other accommodation options.

For anyone who hasn't, please enter now -