What to look for when buying a lark

Posted: 23 Oct 04 02:43
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Ive been sailing for a while but this will be the first lark i own. Im interested in the Parker Mark 2 hull design and was wandering if there was any specific things to look out for. Im looking at the cheaper end of the scale with the intention of putting alot of work in to get in up to racing standard

THanks for looking


Steve Cumley

Posted: 25 Oct 04 11:21
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Hi Josh

Good question!

We have got a previous Lark news article that we can put on the web explaining what to look for. In the mean time if you would like to send me your e-mail I will e-mail it through to you.

Steve Cumley
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Posted: 25 Oct 04 08:18
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Lark Second Hand document is now online. Visit the Technical Pages.

The tuning guide will appear soon!


Lark Website Editor

Posted: 25 Oct 04 11:20
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Thanks for all your help hope to see you all soon on the circuit